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陳さんのRCM-458です! (Part-2)

こんにちは、サンクチュアリー本店 代表の中村です。

台湾 CHMOTOの代表 陳さんご自身のバイク、RCM-458 (Part₋2)です!


Hello, this is Nakamura, the representative of Sanctuary head office. This is the second installment of the series for RCM-458.


大家好,我是SANCTUARY本社 的社長中村。車主委託製造的RCM-458(之2)!


29101201 (6).JPG

来日された陳さん、現在 台湾からの依頼で製作している 3台のRCMの



Mr. Chin came to Japan, and visited us currently working on the production, to see how it was going with the 3 RCMs.




29101201 (7).JPG

陳さんのRCM-458を 担当しているメカニックは、飯田です!

The mechanic in charge of Mr. Chin's RCM-458 is Iida!



29101201 (8).JPG

RCMー458は、台湾から送られて来たエンジンに かなり問題があって



Regarding RCM-458, we had Mr. Chin take a look at the engine that was shipped from Taiwan since there was a considerable issue with it...




29101201 (9).JPG




The assembly part of the crankshaft was twisted, causing a time lag in the phase and correcting it required a lot of work


曲軸組裝的部分歪曲,產生了相位差 要修正它非常不容易


29101201 (3).JPG


溶接して修正・・・    難しい加工でしたが 何とか直せる範囲のものでした。


The crankcase got cracked from the time lag in the phase of the crankshaft so we welded it and proceeded to the repair... It was a difficult process but we could fix it somehow





29101201 (2).JPG


The engine took a lot of time, but we finally started working on the undercarriage...



29101201 (4).JPG

外装ペイントも 仕上がりましたっ!

We've also finished painting the exterior!



29101201 (5).JPG

揃った部品を どんどん取り付けて行きます・・・      少し前の事でした・・・

Going ahead by installing all the parts now all here... this was when we were working a little while ago...

將開始逐一安裝備妥的零件・・・        這是之前的作業景象・・・


29101201 (1).JPG

現在エンジンは耐熱塗装工程に行っており まだ時間が掛かりそうですが

車体の方はそこそこ進行していたので、陳さんにお見せ出来て よかった!


The engine is currently in the heat-resistant coating process and will certainly take a little more time but we were fairly progressing on the body so it was great we could show it to Mr. Chin!






台湾の陳さん! カレンさ~ん! またメールするんで返信下さいね~っ!

Mr. Chin from Taiwan!  Ms. Karen!  We will email you again and will be glad to read your reply!

台灣的陳先生! 凱倫女士! 會再發郵件給兩位,記得回信喔!


To Be Continued

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