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クロアチアへ!RCM-461 (Part-1)


Emails coming from overseas almost every day...




クロアチア在住 Mr.Baldoから、RCM Z‐1の製作依頼が入りました。

A little while ago, we received the request from Mr.Baldo living in Croatia for the production of RCM Z-1.


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と 言う訳で、中村&佐々木コンビが担当する事に!

シリアルナンバーは RCM-461に決定です!

In charge of this mission: the duo Nakamura & Sasaki! The serial number is RCM-461!


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既にレーザー測定&修正を 施し済みの Z‐1フレーム・・・

Z-1 frame on which laser measuring & revisions were made already...


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先ずは早速 フレームの補強と加工から始めましょう!

First starting right now with the reinforcing and processing of the frame!


30041201 (5).JPG


Cutting unneeded parts, the frame is beautifully finished.


30041201 (7).JPG

続いて STKM13Cパイプによる、補強部材製作に。

Next is the production of reinforcing members using STKM13C pipes.


30041201 (8).JPG


Reinforcements using gusset plates are also cut in the appropriate shape.


30041201 (9).JPG

ガセットプレートに穴開けをし、その穴を捲る 治具を差し込んで・・・

Opening holes in the gusset plates and inserting jigs to turn edges of those holes over...


30041201 (10).JPG

バーリング加工完了。 一つひとつ丁寧に 補強部材を造って行きます!

Burring process complete! Making each and every reinforcing member carefully!


30041201 (1).JPG

クロアチアのMr.Baldoさ~ん!   RCM-461 スタートしましたよ~っ!


Mr.Baldo of Croatia!  The RCM-461 project has started! We will show the progress sometimes from now on and we hope you will be looking forward to it!



To Be Continued

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