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From USA! RCM-500 KATANA (Part-2)


Hello! This is Nakamura, a representative of the Sanctuary head office.


ラスベガス在住 Mr.A Diazからお預かりした GSX1000Sカタナ


This is GSX 1000S Katana (Part-2) kept with Mr. A Diaz living in Las Vegas!


31011401 (8).JPG

LAのRCM USA INCでお預かりして その場で車体を全分解し



This is held at RCM USA INC in LA, and the body was disassembled on the spot and regarding the Katana, for which we sent the necessary parts to Japan, we started with the laser measurement of the frame


31011401 (10).JPG


We measured the center of the engine fixed to the frame


31011401 (7).JPG


やや右に寄れているのが わかりますね。

Measurement also performed at the rear end of the seat frame ... You can see that it is somewhat shifted to the right


31011401 (9).JPG

31011401 (1).JPG



As a result, although slight, because bending was found in the frame, we proceeded from modification stretch first



31011401 (3).JPG


Meanwhile, we are starting to disassemble the engine.


31011401 (4).JPG

ピストンには長年蓄積されたカーボンが ビッシリこびり付いてます。

Carbon accumulated over many years is closely caked on the piston


31011401 (5).JPG

この段階ではまだ シリンダーヘッドに大きなダメージはなさそう。

At this stage there is still no significant damage to the cylinder head


31011401 (6).JPG

この分解の工程こそ エンジンの故障や消耗部を見つける作業なので


This stage of disassembly is actually an important process as it finds engine breakdown and consumable parts



引き続き次回もエンジンの詳細を ご紹介しますね~っ!

We will continue to introduce details of the engine next time!



To Be Continued


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