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From USA! RCM-500 KATANA (Part-5)


Hello Everyone! I am Nakamura, representative director of Sanctuary’s headquarters.


ラスベガス在住 Mr.Diazからお預かりした GSX1000Sカタナ(Part-5)です!

This is GSX1000S Katana (Part-5) shipped from Mr. A Diaz in Las Vegas!



31112801 (28).JPG

エンジンがガンコート塗装され 戻って来ました。

The engine came back to us, gun-kote painted.


31112801 (29).JPG

元々GSX1000Sのエンジンはシルバーでしたが 今回はブラックにして


The color of the GSX1000S engine was originally silver, but we changed to a black color to give it a brand new look!


31112801 (30).JPG


Changed the crankshaft to a GSX1100S one...


31112801 (31).JPG

ダメージが酷かったジェネレーター取り付け部も これで改善!

This fixed the badly damaged attaching part of the generator as well!


31112801 (7).JPG

31112801 (9).JPG

クランクシャフトの交換により エンド部のサイズも変わった為


The crankshaft changed and so was the size of the end, so we also changed the starter gear.


31112801 (32).JPG

ちなみにトランスミッションも ご覧の様に酷い状態でしたので・・・

And as shown here, the transmission was in a very bad condition by the way...


31112801 (34).JPG

ここも丸ごと GSX1100Sのものに変更。

So it was also entirely changed to a GSX1100S one.


31112801 (2).JPG



The condition when we started working on it, was worse than imagined, so with this overhaul, we think it is far better now!


31112801 (3).JPG

ピストンはNOBLESTが輸入取り扱いする ドイツWossner製ですが

GSX1000Sのシリンダースリーブは肉厚が薄かった為 外径の大きい


The piston is Wossner-made from Germany, a brand that NOBLEST imports and deals with The thickness of the GSX1000S cylinder sleeve is thin, so we made a sleeve with a large outer diameter, and went through the process of boring


31112801 (4).JPG

更に低摩擦で熱対策に優れる パルホスM処理をスリーブに施しました。

We also applied a Palphos M treatment on the sleeve, which is effective for low friction and against heat.


31112801 (5).JPG



(13) The cylinder head also went through an overhaul around the valves, then assembled, and all is left now, is to attach the camshaft.




31112801 (14).JPG

そんな折、ラスベガスから Mr.Diazが来られました!!

And this is when Mr. A Diaz from Las Vegas came to visit!!



To Be Continued




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